Ok, so the basic instructions didn't help. Oh well. Here's some of the nastier stuff I've encountered lately, with (hopefully) some guidance in removing them.

Just beginning this list!!! Please bear with me!

Here's some shit for you:

Symptoms & name, if available Associated files Removal Howto
The example I saw takes you to s13.wlza.ws - found 5-14-05 se.dll eabi.dll and assorted registry keys Removal Instructions
webtracer.cc and others stsheets.dat, other random files Removal instructions
Generates random .exe files on the fly, puts them in the registry run sections. repairs.dll, random exe files in system32 directory Removal instructions
Desktop search. Puts annoying search bar in lower right of screen, no method of removing in add/remove programs. \windows\isrvs folder, ffisearch.exe, desktop.exe Removal instructions
website viewer 127062.exe, 127062.dd, 127062.dlr, 127062.ico, creates \program files\websiteviewer folder Removal Instructions
Lowzones Eree.exe, Dfe.exe, Sfee.exe
Feee.exe, Paco.exe,Wines.exe
Probably more...
Removal Instructions

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