Safety Tips!

Avoid porn sites! Duh!

Don't click yes on anything unless you KNOW what it is.

Read the agreements! There ARE legitimate advertising supported programs. Kind of like televison & radio. While there are many quality freeware & shareware programs available, many are switching to advertising supported programs, especially internet based programs, including many games, screensavers, file sharing programs, etc. The legitimate ones will usually be installed with something else, with a warning message asking you to accept their agreement. Read it! If you REALLY REALLY want the program, and it is telling you it will also install advertising, you must decide if it's worth it to you.

Be wary of email. Don't waste your time with spam, or email from people you don't know. Don't open any attachments unless your antivirus is up to date & running.

Try a different web browser - Mozilla is what I use. It's nicely done, and free. Also by the mozilla foundation is Firefox, which has been getting a lot of publicity lately. Also try Opera.

The ultimate solution? Switch operating sytems! Buy a Mac, or get some flavor of Linux to install on your existing PC. :-)

More to come....


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