Legitimate antivirus software
Stuff I actually use myself.
Free Antivirus Programs Commercial Antivirus Programs
Grisoft AVG Free Edition
Good for the price!
Command Antivirus - What I personally use and sell to my clients. Excellent - near 100% detection rate. Based on F-Prot engine.
Clam AV - Free antivirus, open source, great for Linux servers! Computer Associates' EZ Antivirus
Stinger - by Mcafee - great, but only for a limited number of virii. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Products
Avast Free - For personal use only Grisoft AVG Professional Single Edition
Bitdefender - Free version Norton AntiVirus
F-Prot - DOS version free for personal use - one of the best ever. McAfee VirusScan 9.0

Amazon.com also has some good pricing for antivirus programs.

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