How to remove the SHIT! from your computer.
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So you went to some shitty web site that maybe you shouldn't have gone to, or clicked on something you shouldn't have clicked on. Now you need to get rid of the shit. I hope I can offer some help.

Some background:

I fix computers for a living.

After wasting another 2 hours removing shit from my daughter's computer recently, I thought it might be helpful to many of you out there to know how to rid yourself of the shit on your computer.

Over the last several years, I have found myself spending way too much time removing SHIT from peoples computers rather than fixing them, when i should have been working on real problems. While I enjoy a challenge from time to time, some of this shit has gotten to the point of being criminal in my opinion. I have real work to do. Billable work. While I may be able to charge a few hours, I really hate to charge my customers more than their computer may be worth to get them to a safe state to browse the internet again, especially when it is through no fault of their own. So, instead of walking them through everything on the phone, or driving an hour or two each way (I work in the Miami area), it is my hope that it will be easier to just point them to this site.

So, I hope you find something useful in here to rid yourself of the shit.... Good luck!


Spyware Removal Software that actually works

Antivirus Software that actually works

Just what IS this Shit on my computer?

Basic spyware
removal Instructions

Basic manual removal instructions

Some of the nastier
Shit I have personally
(My Shit List)

Problems & Fixes after
your remove the Shit

Safety Tips

Links to good spyware
removal & information sites.

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